Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

    "I’ve been a client of Carin’s for 3+ years now and can’t recommend her highly enough. Couple things that differentiate her are: 1) Expertise — Carin employs a variety of techniques / manipulations depending on your specific musculoskeletal ailment 2) Flexibility - Carin is super flexible with scheduling and makes it easy to carve out time for yourself 3) Facilities - Carin’s office and equipment are well maintained and super clean"

    Daniel K. | February 2021

    "Dr. Piacente has been able to help me put off surgery for my ailing back. She is knowledgeable and helps me set realistic goals for balancing an active life and not doing more damage. After treatment, I leave feeling better with “homework” to complete in between treatments to continue on the path to healthy, pain free life."

    Richard K. | May 2021

    "Dr. Piacente is the best chiropractor I have used. Dealing with my old injuries, Dr. Piacente took the time to listen to me and my concerns and was very informative and productive in helping me getting back to feeling and moving like myself again. I recommend Dr. P to anyone who is looking to be treated with care, professionalism, and a strong understanding for what the body needs."

    Jess K. | April 2021

    "LIFE SAVER!!! I am an active person. I go to spin class 4-5 times per week and do yoga every day. With activity comes injuries (unfortunately). Dr. Piacente has seen me throw it all - from sciatic pain to a dislocated rib head - and all the other aches and tightness in between. Her holistic approach has not only alleviated pain, but also minimized done time. My only regret is not finding her sooner. With regular adjustments, acupuncture and massage she has me feeling better than ever."

    Diane M. | April 2021

    Dr. Piacente is top notch. She is incredibly knowledgeable and experienced. Anyone in her care will feel at ease, and most importantly will feel heard. Dr. Piacente has a wealth of knowledge to draw upon and make a plan that best suits your needs. I often recommend Dr Piacente to family and friends in need!"

    Kerry D. | March 2021

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