Sports Injury

Chiropractic care is the choice of many athletes. A sports injury can sideline a player and to be able to get back to playing as quickly as possible is important. Dr. Carin Piacente of Spine, Body, and Soul Health and Wellness in Greenwich, CT treats sports injuries as well as many other conditions.  

Different sports lead to different types of injuries. Depending on what part of the body is injured, the type of treatment may be chiropractic manipulation, massage, acupuncture, and cold laser therapy, or a combination.

A sports injury is not confined to only professional athletes. The reality is that many people overexert themselves when they are not in the top physical condition that an athlete is in. Whether it is on the golf course, the tennis court, or at the bowling alley, it doesn't take much to end up with a sore back, neck, shoulder, elbow, wrist, hip, or knee. Your chiropractor can evaluate your pain and recommend which treatment or treatments will be the most effective for you. 

Chiropractic adjustment

When your back is out of alignment it can cause pain and the pain isn't always in the back; it can radiate to other parts of the body. A chiropractor can locate the misalignment and perform an adjustment that will get things back where they belong and get you back doing what you love. 

Therapeutic massage

Massage therapy works hand in hand with many chiropractic treatments. When the body is relaxed, the treatments just work better. Tension in the soft tissues in the body can result in pain and restricted mobility. Many types of massage are available and the type that is right for you will be determined after an evaluation. 


Acupuncture can be very helpful in restoring balance in the body. Pain can be the result of Qi being blocked, which causes an interruption in the energy flow along the meridians in the body. Acupuncture helps energy to flow again, which allows the body to heal itself. Thin needles are inserted into the body at strategic points to achieve the pain relief and healing that is required. 

Cold laser therapy

Laser therapy can be a big help with soft tissue injuries like sprains and strains, which come with a sports injury. The chiropractor runs the laser over the injured area to help accelerate natural healing. The amount of exposure can be as little as half a minute or as much as several minutes. 

Contact Dr. Piacente of Spine, Body, and Soul Health and Wellness in Greenwich, CT for your sports injury and other chiropractic needs you have. You can reach us at 203-942-0577 or through the form on our website. 

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